Inkle Loom…Floor Size… Finished (free online plans)

Was cool finding someone had used my plan after so many years!

Fabric Follies Two

I’ve finished with the inkle loom.  I don’t think I got it sanded well enough, but lets hope that with use some of that will change.  Here it is:



I haven’t done a true warping yet, but in just playing around I got a 17 yard wrap.  I think that will work out to about 15 yards of weaving by the time waste is extracted from that.  Can’t wait to try it…lo







I was at a bit of a loss as to what to paint on it so the easiest thing on something this narrow was a vine of roses with a sprinkling of lavendar sweet peas… I think my sweet DH may get a little tired of looking around at all the… seems I paint a lot of them.


This was not terribly hard to build.   The plans for this are…

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3 thoughts on “Inkle Loom…Floor Size… Finished (free online plans)

  1. I want to thank you so much for posting your plans online. I used my loom for several years, then let a friend borrow it and she used it for a year. You have no idea how many people across the web have used your plans and are enjoying their looms so very much.. 🙂 If you would like, I will post that you are the one who originally posted the plans for you loom and link back to your page. If you would prefer not have the link back, I can just post about your plans.. Either way… thank you so very much.


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